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The Portfolio

What is

~ Community is built -- not made is a community of worldwide IT professionals. membership and visitors are made up of IT Administrators and IT Managers from several countries, in small, medium, and large companies around the world.   Close to 50,000 people visit each day to find solutions to problems they face.  These answers come in the form of articles, self-help forum posts, self-help email discussion lists, a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) database, blog posts, and online media such as videos and podcasts.

Review the Audience Profile and Demographics is also a "web site" with technologies designed to promote community interaction and activity.  The technologies implemented on allow the community to expand at steady rates. averages close to one million page views a day

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These days the word community is used so loosely that the word loses it's real meaning. is a real community, comprised of real, dedicated, and loyal individuals. is led by community members, promoted by community members, and the community's needs are always addressed because evolves it's technologies based on community comments and suggestions. does not "guess" at what the community needs, nor does it decide it knows explicitly what a community needs. will always be a community driven web site.  By becoming a member or visitor of you know that you are in charge, and you will never be blasted for a newbie question, or even asking a question that has already been answered.  The community has grown over the years into the most kind and generous group of people online. has been an established community since 1999. is the largest and longest running community of it's type.  Over the years, has formulated the best recipe for building and maintaining community. is also not a "walled garden" as some sites say to promote themselves. continually supports and promotes external web sites and people who exhibit services and content that round the community as a whole.  Some of these web sites include the (an offshoot of the early, (focused on OpsMgr 2007 and System Center Essentials), the Windows Management User Group (a User Group web site in the UK), and the (a technical video outlet), among others.  If you would like to get your web site, service, software, or company noticed by the community at large, is the place to do it!

Some web sites give you stats-per-month to make it sound impressive, but the community is a daily driving force.  Though,'s stats sound impressive, our tried-and-true recipe for community means we highlight you without your efforts being lost in the mix.  You never get lost in this community, no matter who you are.  Anyone can share information in a number of ways.  No one is excluded.

So, welcome to the best community in the world!  Get involved right away by utilizing the ever-expanding, totally free technologies listed below and see for yourself just how great this community really is.  We, at, are sure your experience will be a positive one.  And, if not, just drop us an email, day or night, and let us know what you need.  You can always make a suggestion or comment to:

NOTE:'s servers run on Microsoft technologies such as Windows Server, IIS, ASP.NET, and SQL Server.

The Technology Portfolio

The following list outlines the current set of technologies in place to promote community, provide ultimate community value, and deliver a centralized community experience for individuals.

  • Technical Articles - is supported by over 270 columnists.  This group of columnists provides over 50 new technical articles a week on industry topics such as System Center products like ConfigMgr 2007 and SMS 2003, OpsMgr 2007 and MOM 2005, System Center Essentials, Microsoft Deployment, and Softgrid/Virtualization; Scripting, Windows Server and Workstation, Windows PowerShell, SQL Server, Windows Mobile, Patch Management, Software Deployment, Security, and Sharepoint. is always looking for new columnists.  Writing for is easy and it brings additional validity to your technical career.  Several columnists have gone on to get jobs at companies such as Microsoft, Dell, IBM, and HP.  Some have been inducted into the Microsoft MVP program.  And, even more have become industry recognized names in their areas of expertise.

If you would like to write for, simply drop us an email to:  It's that simple.


  • Downloads - provides a huge database of available downloads.  These downloads include ready-made scripts, utilities, and applications for enhancing your work productivity.  The downloads available from the site have all been uploaded by your peers, and have been tested and checked for viruses.  Our upload facility is always ready for you to share your scripts and utilities.   At, we believe that sharing a user-developed script or utility once by a single person, provides immediate value to tens of thousands of people.  Uploading and downloading of scripts, utilities, and applications are always free.


  • FAQ Database - maintains an ever-growing database of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).  Our FAQ service enables members and visitors to direct questions to our experts assigned to that specific category, and have it answered.  Once the question has been answered, the member of visitor is notified through email and the new item becomes part of the FAQ database.

Are you an expert in a specific technology area?  We are always looking for new individuals to add to our quorum of site experts.  If you would like to participate in the FAQ service of, send an email to:


  • Forums - Every web site these days has forums.  But, the forums are particularly special.  Just like other forums, you can post questions, participate in threads, answer questions, and wait on an answer to your own question.  But, since the forums have been online for close to 10 years, they offer a huge database of already solved problems.  You can search the forums and generally find a thread that answers your question.

The forums are comprised of 123 forums, over 45,000 topics, and over 25,000 members.  The forums provide topical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from top experts around the world.


  • Email Discussion Lists - The email discussions lists are legendary!  The lists provide topical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from top experts around the world, including Microsoft product team members.  Unlike the forums where you have to go get your information on the web, the email lists allow the information to flow to your email client Inbox, wherever you are.


  • Blogs - has over 120 bloggers who post topics ranging from System Center to Security.  Several Microsoft employees, who work with the products teams, blog at exclusively at  Our blogs continually get notoriety by industry organizations and posts to the blogs are regularly picked up in national and international media. offers blogs to anyone for free.  Blogging is a quick way to jot down a thought or idea, or write a complete article to help the community with hard to find answers to problems.  It's also a great way to share your experience on the job, or information you may have received by working with vendor support. 

If you would like to blog on and get noticed immediately by the community and industry leaders, drop a note to:  Blog setup takes minutes.


  • TV - TV is a community led service of that offers user-generated and industry-generated videos and podcasts to help you in our daily job.  With close to 1,000 videos (and growing), TV is your one source for new media, and is quickly becoming the top source for online videos and podcasts.  In addition to providing online viewing and downloading of media, TV also gives you control over what you watch and hear. TV gives you the ability to make a video or podcast popular through voting and inline comments. TV also gives you the ability to upload your content, generated by you or found by you on the Internet. TV has boomed in popularity since it's release in 2007.  It is quickly becoming the one source for technical videos, podcasts, and training.


  • Wiki - The Wiki service is a great way to collaborate with the community on critical IT topics such as System Center, scripting, Windows PowerShell, and Security.  Key areas of our Wiki service are promoted by community members and Microsoft alike.  Once you obtain an account for the Wiki service, you are authorized to start creating new documents and editing old ones.  The Wiki allows the collaborative force to generate comprehensive documentation where industry documentation is lacking.  One of the proud Wiki achievements is the database of information housing the history of the Microsoft Management Summit.


  • Links Database - continually scours the Internet for pertinent information on other web sites and stores that information in the Links database.  The Links database is searchable, so if you can't find a solution in articles, blog posts, or forums, you can generally find it our comprehensive Links database.  And, if you find something of interest during your Internet travels, offers the ability for you to add your own Links to our database.


  • RSS Feeds - RSS technology gives you the ability to subscribe to information that is interesting or important to you and allows you to receive the information automatically for viewing in your favorite RSS Feed reader. supports all major RSS Feed standards and continually adds new feeds to ensure you are getting the most from  All of the different areas of has it's own feed, so you can subscribe to receive information from every area, or just the areas that suit your needs.


  • Community Calendar - keeps a current community calendar of events that happen from day-to-day.  This calendar is updated regularly with new content such as WebCasts, in-person events, User Group meetings, etc.  While manages a lot of the event content in the community calendar, the calendar is open to you for posting events that you believe the community should be aware of.  This gives you the ability to promote a User Group meeting and generate interest in event topics.


  • myITforum Live - myITforum Live is an online, live chat service that allows you to receive support on an immediate basis.  While the forums and email lists provide great content and information, you may find yourself in a situation where you need support immediately.  myITforum Live allows you to connect with another community member and work through issues together.


  • Reading Room - constantly scans the publishing industry for new or updated material such as books and training that can be purchased online. provides a central place to review the book offerings in the market and purchase straight from the Reading Room.


  • Daily Newsletter - The Daily Newsletter is currently delivered to over 17,000 community members worldwide.  The Daily Newsletter provides an overview of what is new or changed on the web site each day of the work week.  This overview gives you a good summation of what interests you and allows you to pick and choose what you need to read today.  There is a LOT that goes on daily at is never stagnate, and the Daily Newsletter is your key to picking up on the daily changes.


  • User Groups - has always catered to User Groups. offers free services to User Groups such as a dedicated web presence, a User Group calendar for making your members aware of upcoming events, obtaining SWAG for User Group meetings, arranging industry speakers for your meetings, connecting you with individuals at local Microsoft offices who can help you User Group grow, helping you find a meeting location, a web-based forum for your group, and a dedicated email list for constant discussions among members. can also help you build your User Group if you are interested in starting one.  We give you the resources you need to make your User Group successful.

Some User Group organizations make you pay membership dues for services like these. never has and never will.  If you have a User Group and are interested any of these free services, send an email to:


  • Polls - Periodically, releases polls and surveys to gather information from you.  This information is used to develop research as we plan new site features and topics, and sometimes used to help vendors such as Microsoft with decisions on product direction.  You can also always review past polls to read the information contained there or to take a poll you may have missed.

If you have a poll you would like to see, drop a note to:


  • Industry News - has deals with several industry news organizations, allowing us to provide a central repository for daily industry news.  We cover the best topics from every area of the industry.  In addition to scouring the 'net for newsworthy information, Industry News is also supplied by the community.  We have several "News Reporters" who find and submit news articles into our Industry News database.

If you are an industry news hound and would like to become a roving reporter, drop us an email:


  • Image Gallery - maintains a database of industry and non-industry images.  This image database gives you a location to upload images you don't want to lose and use later, and it allows you to link back and use the images in our database.  The images are great for using in articles, blog posts, forums, email discussion lists, and Industry News.  You can upload once and use forever.


  • The Network - The network is a listing of web sites, blogs, and vendors that are valuable to the community.  The listing provides direct links to additional properties on the web so that we can increase the value you receive from this community.  While we offer a slew of services and cover a myriad of technologies and topics on, we also understand that there are many additional, excellent resources that can enhance your ability to do your job and stay on top of technological issues in your professional life.

Want your web site or blog listed here? - Expose your web site or blog to thousands of IT workers worldwide by listing on Not only do we list your site or blog here, but we also highlight it in the daily newsletter from time-to-time. Get your message out to the vast majority of your peers and improve your professional life at the same time.

To have your site or blog listed as part of the network only costs $25 per year. accepts payment through Paypal or Google Checkout. Please ensure that you provide a valid email address with your payment because we will contact you to ask for the information you want shown on the network pages (i.e., a logo, information about your site or blog, and the link you want to use for the listing).

Are you a Vendor? - If you are a vendor who provides valuable products and services to the type of community that offers, you could do no better than having your company listed on When the community members research tools, products, and services to purchase, they enlist the help of the community first.

Participation in the Vendor Network costs just $250.00 per year, and accepts payment through Paypal or Google Checkout. Please ensure that you provide a valid email address with your payment because we will contact you to ask for the information you want shown on the network pages (i.e., a logo, information about your site or blog, and the link you want to use for the listing).


  • Monthly SWAG Drawing - Help and help yourself to some SWAG! When you make a donation to help fund the operation of, you are automatically entered into the monthly drawing to win this month's goody bag! Your donation enables to continue providing the free technical knowledge and support you've come to depend on. Your investment also helps limit the number of advertisements you see on the site. 100% of all money received is used toward operating expenses and improvements. 

    The SWAG drawings run monthly throughout the year.



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