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SMS 2.x Articles

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Moving the SMSPKG share or files to a different drive
by Mark Mears - 11/23/2010
The SMSPKG share contains the compressed PCK files for the packages that have been targeted to a particular SMS/SCCM Site. If/When sufficient packages are sent to a site there is always the likelihood of these compressed files filling the disk and leaving no room for any additional files. Of cours

SMS Exclusions By MAC Address
by Don Hite - 8/16/2007
In SMS 2003 as well as SMS 2.0 you can exclude resources from being discovered by adding the machine names...

Microsoft Systems Management Server Lifecycle Support Calendar
by Don Hite - 7/26/2007
Here you will find information about the lifecycle support for Microsoft Systems Management Server.

Deploying softwarepackages without network access
by Jan Marten - 6/8/2007
By having numerous amounts of mobile devices like notebooks, which reside normally outside your company, you can now easily deploy sofware or patches onto them.

A scripted SMS Trace
by Paul Thomsen - 6/5/2007
SMS Trace (trace32.exe) is the core tool in every SMS administrator's toolkit. But do you really have time to be watching logs fly by? Why not script what you need to watch for and thus let your console do the watching?

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SMS 2.x
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SMS 2.x
-Extended Security Update Inventory Tool
-Patch Management Using Systems Management Server 2.0
-Microsoft Solutions for Management - Service Management Functions
-MS04-028 Update Scan Tool
-A description of inbox folders and how they are used in Systems Management Server 2.0
SMS 2.x
-Basic SMS CfgMgr Overview
-Installation Wrapper
-Restart Mul exe
-Display Current User
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