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Web Reports with NT Security

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By: Michael Schultz
Posted On: 1/30/2002

That's right. Web Reports does NOT require SQL or Mixed security modes. It can be used with a SQL database running NT security. It just takes a little fiddling. These are the steps we went through to get it to work.

Step 1: Install Web Reports on the IIS server under an ID with high level admin rights on the SQL box. When prompted for the SA password, just leave it as null. At the end of the install, the proper views and accounts should be created.

Step 2: Open the Global.asa file located in Inetpub\wwwroot\SiteDB_SMS_<site>. You will notice that the user name (smsschm_user) and password (smsschm_user) are in this file. Look for the line with:

Session("strConn") = ""Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;User ID=" & sUser & ";Password=" & sPassword & ";Initial Catalog=" & sCatalog & ";Data Source=" & sSource"

Modify this line to be:
Session("strConn") = "MySMS2ODBC"

(Any name will do)

Step 3: Create a System DSN with the name of "MySMS2ODBC" (or whatever name you chose). Set the DSN to use NT security. Web Reports will use this DSN to interact with the SMS database!

Step 4: Set up a global user group and give the appropriate view rights to the database so they users have the proper access to use Web Reports.

Thank you to Hitesh Patel, Jeff Gilligan, and Bill Nerbonne for their efforts with this issue. ©2010 | Legal | Privacy