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Crashed SMSEXEC won't restart scheduled jobs.

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By: Donnie Taylor
Posted On: 6/26/2002

After an unexpected shutdown of the SMSExec service (via machine crashing or forceful shutdown of the service) incorrect files in the \SMS\inboxes\\UID folder can stop or inhibit communications. Should you find this happening to you, here's what you can do.

Stop the SMS Executive Service.
Verify that the \SMS\inboxes\\UID folder exists. Create it if it does not.
Place two files in this folder. Because the scheduler processes jobs in a sequential fashion, you will want to create files that are at the end of the processing cycle. Name the first one ZZZZZZZZ.JOB and the other ZZZZZZZZ.REQ. Make sure there are 8 "Z"'s in the file name.
Start the SMS Executive Service.
Monitor the UID folder for those file names to change. SMS will automatically rename them to the appropriate file names after processing has once again commenced. Of course how long that period of time is depends on factors such as hierarchy size and site server specs. Typically it should change those file names within a few minutes.

If you find that communications is stopped, but there are two files already in the UID directory, delete them before adding the "Z" files. More that 2 files in this directory can cause confusion in the SMSExec service.

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