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Microsoft Releases the Long Awaited Value Pack - Kind Of

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By: Rod Trent
Posted On: 10/1/2002

Where's the SMS Value Pack?

A lot of folks have been waiting for the Value Pack that has been touted to cure all of their SMS 2.0 ills. But, where is it? Its hiding.

Along with releasing SMS 2003 to public beta September 30, 2002, Microsoft has also released the Value Pack (or at least information about it). But, guess what? Its no longer called the Value Pack. Instead, it has been relabeled the Feature Packs. So, unless you realized the name change, you'd go home and mull the release of the Value Pack over dinner one more night.

The reason for the name change? Paul Barcoe-Walsh, Product Manager for Windows .Net Server Management, explains it this way:

"...our intent is for the naming to reflect the nature and content of each pack.  Although the Systems Management Server Software Update Services Feature Pack do add value to our existing  SMS enterprise customers, the designation of  "Feature Pack" more accurately reflects the investment that Microsoft is making and will continue to make in helping keep Windows secure for all of our customers.  The System Management Server Software Update Services Feature Pack delivers critical additional functionality for security patch management to our customers."

Microsoft is releasing two Feature Packs: the Software Update Services Feature Pack and the Administration Feature Pack.

The SUS Feature Pack comes with the following solutions:

  • Security Update Inventory Tool

  • Microsoft Office Inventory Tool for Updates

  • Distribute Software Updates Wizard

  • Elevated-Rights Deployment Wrapper Tool

  • Web Reporting Tool with Web Report Add-ins for Software Updates

The Administration Feature Pack includes the following utilities:

  • Manage Site Accounts Tool

  • Transfer Site Settings Wizard

  • Elevated-Rights Deployment Wrapper Tool

  • Web Reporting Tool

Despite the information for the Feature Packs being released, the Feature Packs themselves are still pending. Keep an eye on the following page for their availability: ©2010 | Legal | Privacy