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SUS on the SMS Server

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By: Rod Trent
Posted On: 4/14/2003

Never install the stand-alone Software Update Services tool on the SMS server.

Recently, a myITforum'er from the SMS Email Discussion List installed SUS on the SMS server and IIS stopped working.

Chris Stauffer:

W3SVC - all of the registery settings for w3svc were missing (got fixed) The metabase.bin was bad (were able to restore it from backup)

IIS MMC Plug-in - the IIS mmc plug-in doesn't work (still broken). the IIS icon in administrator tools under control panel doesn't work the iis msc doesn't work (still broken)

we tried uninstalling and reinstalling iis several times.

We think we figured out what cause the problem that started this whole mess but its too late now for that to matter.

When SUS was installed on the system it installed something called IIS Lockdown Tool and URLScan we believe that the IIS Lockdown Tool locked down the long names that the queries in webreports use but that is just guessing at this point.

Rod, put out a warning to every one please...

Don't install SUS on your sms site server it will pouch sms web reports!!!!

This is not the SUS that the feature pack installs. It is the SUS stand alone app. ©2010 | Legal | Privacy