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SMS FAQ: TLIST.EXE Causing High Processor Utilization

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By: Cliff Hobbs
Posted On: 7/31/2003

I'm assuming this is an SMS problem since it only occurs on the SMS servers. On a few of our severs we'll get alerts of high utilization and when we go look, we find TLIST.EXE running as the SMS service account eating up 60% to 70% processor. It happens sporadically and has to be killed twice to get it to stop. Our servers are Windows 2000 SP1 with SMS 2 SP3. Any ideas?

Contributed By: Cliff Hobbs and Joe Baumann

Cliff Hobbs
This is a known issue as documented in Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 261184 "SMS: Tlist Causes Backup to Hang" which details how to modify the MACHINFO.BAT file to use PULIST.EXE instead.

Joe Baumann
We experienced problems with TLIST.EXE early in our SMS 2.0 rollout to our Branch Servers (each is an SMS primary site). TLIST.EXE is executed as part of MACHINFO.BAT which is run during SMS Backup Task processing. TLIST.EXE would hang the backup. Microsoft concurred that TLIST.EXE had been known to cause issues on certain NT 4.0 boxes. At that point, I modified the MACHINFO.BAT script to use PULIST.EXE instead and encountered no further issues over the past one and half years.

In our case this did not occur on pure (upper tier) SMS Site servers where only SMS and SQL resides. The Branch Servers also contain a mix of SNA Server and other proprietary apps residing on them. ©2010 | Legal | Privacy