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Ports Used by SMS 2.0

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By: Rod Trent
Posted On: 9/20/2001

Whether you are trying to deploy SMS through a firewall, or are just needing port information for network security, keep this list handy.


  • Port 137 - name resolution
  • Port 138 - messaging (sending the screen image)
  • Port 139 - client sessions

Windows NT UDP

  • DNS udp 53
  • DHCP udp 67
  • RPC TCP 135
  • WINS udp 137
  • NetBIOS datagrams udp 138
  • NetBIOS datagrams tcp 139

SQL Server UDP

  • TCP/IP Net-Library port 1433
  • Named Pipes over TCP/IP port 139 for NetBIOS functions.
  • When SQL Server 6.x is configured to listen on TCP/IP, it uses TCP (not UDP) port 1433 by default.

SMS 2.0 Remote Tools

  • 2701 Used for session setup and verify
  • 2702 Used for actual remote control
  • 2703 Used for remote chat
  • 2704 Used for remote file transfer

    Network Ports for Remote Tools
  • Verification of Rights TCP/IP=1761 IPX=0x8138
  • Remote Control TCP/IP=1762 IPX=0x8238
  • Remote Reboot TCP/IP=1761 IPX=0x8138
  • Remote Chat TCP/IP=1763 IPX=0x845F
  • File Transfer TCP/IP=1764 IPX=0x4100
  • Remote Execute TCP/IP=1761 IPX=0x8138

NOTE: Another method of providing Systems Management Server site, client, and administrative communication through a firewall could be to use the Systems Management Server RAS Sender with a Point to Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP; TCP port 1723) client and server to configure which port is used for initializing the session, then allow that specific port to be open on the firewall server. ©2010 | Legal | Privacy