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Norton AntiVirus 7.03 Distribution

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By: Rod Trent
Posted On: 9/22/2001

Distributing Symantec (Norton) Antivirus 7.03 with SMS - Upgrade from
Norton Antivirus 5.x included

by Daniel Ray, MCSE -

Last Modified on 09.13.2000 v1.0

Windows NT 4.0 distribution



This zip file contains the following files and directories.

Check - NAV7Ck.ipf will check for the main NAV 7.03 runtime files and the startup status of it's services. If any of these are out of the ordinary the check will copy the Navded.exe file to the %WIN% directory. SMS software inventory can detect this file. I run this on a weekly basis to detect machines without installs or damaged ones. The collection created from this is advertised the NAV 7.03 distribution.

Distribution - Nav7.ipf is the primary installation IPF. Please make sure to add your Administrator account information to the top. Review the readme.txt in the Distribuiton directory for complete information.

The NAV 7.03 distribution locks the keyboard and mouse since it logs in several times as an Administrator. The following batch files can be used for problems which occur from this.

ulcheck.bat [computername] - this file will check if the specified computer has it's keyboard and mouse locked. Both values will read as '4' if it is locked.

unlock.bat [computername] - this file will unlock the specified computer. You must then use the shutdown.exe command to restart.

Both ulcheck.bat and unlock.bat use the reg.exe command.



1. SLEEP.EXE from the Windows NT 4.0 Resource Kit Supplement 2

2. SHUTDOWN.EXE from the Windows NT 4.0 Resource Kit Supplement 2

3. INSTSRV.EXE from the Windows NT 4.0 Resource Kit Supplement 2

4. REG.EXE from the Windows NT 4.0 Resource Kit Supplement 2

5. Microsoft SMS 2.0 Installer version or higher

6. Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition version 7.03 or higher, complete install

The script for this distribution is partitioned into five key sections.

1. Header information: This section checks for free space and sets the account information for the distribution. The account you specify in this section must have Administrator rights on the computer being distributed to. This distribution reboots the computer four times to complete removal and installation. Also, the Legal message from NT will be removed. If you do not have a domain wide policy to put the message back you will want to re-enable the keys in section five (phase 3) of the script.

2. Inital configuration and Reboot:

Phase 0 will do the following:
a. Disable the keyboard and mouse devices
b. Unload the loadwc.exe from the registry Run key - From IE
c. Copy files needed for the distribution
d. Set Nav7.exe to run at next boot
e. Set autologin for the specified Login Account
f. Reboot the computer

3. NAV 5 check and Removal: Phase 1 will check for and remove NAV 5.x:
a. Search for navnt.isu
b. If Vptray.exe exists NAV 7 is already installed and can be repaired in Phase 2
c. Excecute the NAV 5 Uninstall
d. Forcefully remove the Navnt folder and Services
e. Set autologin for the specified Login Account
f. Reboot the computer

4. Symantec Antivirus 7.03 Install: Phase 2 will install SAV7:
a. Run a final deletion of the Navnt folder
b. Execute Setup.exe -s -sms -mnavwnt.mif (Wait for completion)
c. Set autologin for the specified Login Account
d. Reboot the computer

5. Final Cleanup and Check for correct install: Phase 3
a. Check for Vptray.exe, Rtvscan.exe, DefWatch.exe, and Norton Antivirus
service on automatic startup.
b. Enable keyboard and mouse devices
c. Return Loadwc.exe is needed
d. Remove added registry keys


Symantec's setup.exe for version 7.03 now works correctly with SMS 2.0. Previous versions would not unload the setup.exe from memory after the install had completed. Setup.exe is also supposed to remove NAV 7 or 5 if already installed, however, this did not always function correctly. With the -SMS and -M flags the setup will correctly convey Program Error Codes to the installer. Key information:

1. Your latest GRC.DAT file needs to be replicated to the \nt folder with the setup.exe

2. All setup files for Symantec Antivirus 7.03 Windows NT client must be in the \nt folder of the disitribution.

Automated Check Information - NAV7Ck.ipf

I designed this small distribution to run on a weekly basis. By default SMS's software inventory will pick up .exe files so I created Navded.exe. In the event that any major part of the NAV install is missing the Navded.exe file will get copied to the machine. A query for the file is easily constructed. Phase 3 of the installation has a identical section.

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