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How to use the Send Command In AutoIT

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By: Julie Bailey
Posted On: 5/30/2002

AutoIT is able to send Windows Key Commands to the active Window. In order to use these actions in your script you would type the following syntax:

Send, ^a

This line in a script would send a control plus the letter a to the active Window. When using the AutoIT ScriptWriter the Send command is very easy. When you double click Send in the script action window the following box will open:

You can simply type in the keys you want to send to the open window. If you need to send “special” characters (for example Alt, Ctrl, Shift or Tab) you will have to choose those under the Special Key section.

If you just want to add a sentence you can begin typing. The text will appear in the middle window.

In this example I have typed the following line:

This is a Test

As you can see under the Special Keys section you will find the section labeled Syntax. This gives you the syntax that will be put into the editor window or what you would use to create your AutoIT script in Notepad or another text editor.
When sending Special Keys in AutoIT you will need to enclose them in braces ({}) if you are not using the Script Writer.

The following list gives the Special Keys and their corresponding Syntax:

The following syntax is used to send the same key strokes multiple times:

Send, {SPACE 8}
Presses the Space Bar 8 times

Send, {J 15}
Presses 'J' 15 times

Send, +{SPACE 6}
Presses SHIFT+Space Bar 6 times

The AutoIT Script Writer is extremely useful when using the Send Command. It allows you to use all of the commands without having to remember the syntax for each one. If you only know how to do one thing in AutoIT the Send Command would be it. ©2010 | Legal | Privacy