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Developing the Perfect Clone Image

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By: Sean Cottrell
Posted On: 9/23/2002

Recently, quite a few people suggested that I write up an article on how I created my Master Clone Images for my various PCs. So, I decided to share experiences, examples, and strategies.

In the planning stage of writing this article, I came to the conclusion that the entire procedure for making the Perfect Clone Image would entail quite a lengthy document. With that, I will break it up into logical sections. Adding new parts as I complete them. As a disclaimer, not all of the procedures that I will discuss can be illustrated due to obvious security reasons. But I will point those out along the way. Furthermore, please use these articles at your own digressions. They are by no means perfectly suited for every companies PC. But should be viewed as a guideline, a blueprint, that could be tailored to met your companies needs.

With that, here is the basic outline of the articles that I will cover in this series:

  • Research, tools, standards.
  • Building the reference PC
  • Documentation
  • Using Microsoft's Sysprep
  • Imaging the reference PC
  • After the new PC boots

And for a little taste of what the completed procedure will look like when we are done:

  • Build reference PC
  • Run Sysprep
  • Use clone software to make image
  • Load image onto new PC
  • Sysprep scripts run
  • Configure Networking
  • Join the Domain, add Users/Groups
  • Run cool other scripts
  • Write Clone Info to registry
  • Modify SMS_DEF.MOF
  • Create WebReports

That's all for now. Be back in a few days with Part I: Research, tools, standards.

Get those notepads ready!

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