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Windows PowerShell Articles

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Copying Active Directory Group Membership For Software Distribution – Powershell
by Chris Nackers - 1/12/2010
Through SMS/SCCM we use AD groups for software distribution. Something that happens often enough is that we need to copy the groups that one computer is a member of to another computer.

Find packages not Nomad enabled via Powershell
by Donnie Taylor - 12/1/2009
Here is a quick little script that will search a site server for all packages (software dist, boot image, TS, Image, etc...) that don't have 1e's Nomad enabled on them.

Powershell – Moving computers to known OU
by Chris Nackers - 9/8/2009
While working on our WSUS Policy, i needed to create a script to move computer objects from whatever OU they were in (unknown) to a known OU. I decided to embark on powershell for this. With the help of David Crown from the MSSMS list on myitforum, here is what we came up with.

Enable PowerShell Remoting on Windows 7 (RC) Machine is THAT EASY!
by Ying Li - 7/9/2009
I have a Vista SP 2 box and Windows 7 (RC) box. On the Vista box, I have PowerShell V2 installed and PowerShell remoting enabled a while back and I even forgot the exact cmdlet I used.

Powershell Commandlets for Connector Configuration in Exchange 2007
by lynn lunik - 7/2/2009
I have had good success using the Exchange 2007 Administrators Pocket Consultant for many of the new Powershell Commandlets (also called Exchange Management Shell).

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