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Janis Keim's Articles


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Remote Delete Special
8/16/2004 - SMS 2003
Tired of building a collection just to perform a Delete Special command? Try this VB Script that will allow you to remove SMS clients from the site database by using a text file of machine names.

Clean SMS Advanced Client
8/11/2004 - SMS 2003
Want to remotely clean the SMS Advanced Client from multiple machines? Check out this VB Script that will do the trick.

SMS 2003 Software Metering
5/28/2004 - SMS 2003
SMS 2003 has quite a few new features to its credit, none of which is more significant than Software Metering. This article shows how to configure Software Metering and discusses how the metering process works in SMS 2003.

SysPrep Phase III - Rename PC & Join Domain Automatically
5/25/2004 - Windows
Utilizing SysPrep has now eliminated the need to maintain multiple images on a regular basis. By reducing the number of maintained images, errors have also been drastically reduced as a result.

SMS 2003 Standard Security, WINS, and Advanced Clients
5/4/2004 - SMS 2003
Having problems with SMS 2003 Advanced Clients accessing the correct Management Point, using Standard Security? This article will describe how to configure Management Points that share the same WINS database.

SMS 2003 Advanced Client Log Files
4/19/2004 - SMS 2003
No matter what issue the SMS Advanced Client might be experiencing, this document should be a handy reference for all the new log files created and what type of information they hold.

SysPrep Phase II - Adding New Hardware
3/3/2004 - Windows
Are you in charge of managing and maintaining images at your company? Have you successfully configured SysPrep to reduce the number of images, only to find out the purchasing department wants to save money and buy completely different hardware?

1/22/2003 - Miscellaneous
Are you in charge of imaging workstations at your company? Do you have multiple hardware platforms deployed throughout your company? Do you maintain more than 5 images of those workstations? If you answered yes to these questions, then this document might just ease your workload.

SMS Client Clean
11/13/2002 - SMS 2.x
There are several ways to clean the SMS client from a workstation, most of which are documented on, but we have taken the process a step further by creating a batch file that will clean up several areas where remnants are left on the local workstation.

HINV and MOF Problems
10/7/2002 - SMS 2.x
Use this article if your SMS clients are experiencing problems with Hardware Inventory directly related to the sms_def.mof file.


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