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Greg Smith's Articles

Greg Smith currently works for Information Technology Services (ITS) in Johnson & Johnson. He is based in Raritan, New Jersey. In his current role, aside from many other responsibilities, he works extensively with Active Directory, Group Policy, and SMS. He has used these underlying infrastructure technologies to support an overall patch management strategy that covered over 2000 workstations and over 150 servers in two separate SMS sites reporting into a common hierarchy.

Greg began working with SMS back in the version 1.0 days, but quickly moved to version 1.1 and up through the releases to SMS 2003. He has worked with SMS in both higher education and corporate America. Before joining J&J, he worked for Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, Global Business Technology. In his role at Pfizer, he was a member of the global Architecture & Engineering Council.

His past projects include deploying both SMS and Active Directory to his business unit at locations across the US. He makes extensive use of VBScript to automate Active Directory domain migrations, numerous daily tasks, information transfers and manipulations, integration of various departmental and divisional systems, and overall systems management.

Greg can be reached at

Installing ITMU Updates on Demand
6/21/2007 - Patch Management
Now that you've implemented the ITMU, wouldn't it be great if there were a way to install update packages for your ITMU scan results on demand? Running patchinstall.exe doesn't work with ITMU packages, but there IS still hope!

Cleaning Out Old ITMU Software Updates
9/28/2006 - SMS 2003
Over time, ITMU-based update packages tend to get bigger and bigger. Here's a handy way to automate the burden of cleaning out the orphaned updates created by superseded security bulletins.

Streamlining Office Patch Deployment with the DSUW
6/16/2005 - SMS 2.x
Patching our systems has become a reality for all of us, and the SMS Software Updates Feature Pack for SMS 2.0 and the integrated tools in SMS 2003 have been a substantial help in that never ending battle to keep systems current.

Creating collections for KB898060 (post MS05-019 hotfix)
4/29/2005 - Patch Management
MS05-019 and Win2003 SP1 introduced a flaw in the TCPIP stack that could cause systems to lose network connectivity. Microsoft has since released KB898060 to address this problem. Here is how I created collections to deploy the five flavors of this patch.

Changing the local admin password with SMS
3/4/2005 - SMS 2.x
You have some large number of workstations deployed and you need to change the local administrator password on them all, either immediately or periodically. Here's how to use SMS 2.0 or SMS 2003 to make this task a snap.

SMS 2003 and IIS Logging - Keep It Clean!
10/29/2004 - SMS 2003
The SMS 2003 Advanced Client means that IIS now has a crucial role for our SMS sites. Management Points and Distribution Points will generate huge amounts of IIS logging. Don't let those logs fill up your servers!

Caution applying MS04-011 to NT4 servers with processor configuration changes
4/29/2004 - Patch Management
Applying NT4 service packs and hotfixes to systems that have been upgraded to multiprocessor or downgraded to uniprocessor without revising %WINDIR%\Repair\setup.log could install the wrong NTOSKRNL.exe, which can cause your system to hang after rebooting. Most recently, we saw this with MS04-011.

Open Client Log Files SMS Console Extension
4/16/2004 - SMS 2003
Add an Open Log Files Directory item to the SMS Tools context menu in your SMS administrator console.


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