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Rod Trent's Articles

Rod Trent, CEO of, Inc. and Microsoft MVP for Systems Center and Security is a leading expert on Microsoft System Center technologies. He has over 20 years of IT experience, 12 of which have been dedicated to System Center. He is the author of such books as Microsoft SMS Installer, Admin911:SMS, and IIS 5.0: A Beginner's Guide, and has written literally thousands of articles and whitepapers on technology topics., Inc. is the central location for 3rd party System Center support, as well as, the online gathering place for IT professionals and the IT community. Rod speaks at least 3 times a year at various conferences.

Books Rod had a hand in

Rod Trent's Weblog

Rod is happily married, with 4 kids, from college age to diapers. He plays guitar for his local church and performs missions work to China several times a year.

He can be reached, at any time, at:

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Win7 Secrets: Creating a Godmode Control Panel App in Windows 7
1/4/2010 - Windows
In Windows 7, you can generate a new “Control Panel” that includes 283 items to sift through by following a couple easy steps

Bookmarking the New OpsMgr 2007 Managment Pack Catalog
12/29/2009 - System Center Operations Manager
Microsoft recently migrated the OpsMgr 2007 Management Pack catalog to a new location.

BlackBerry Smartphone stops synching just the Calendar application
12/15/2009 - Hardware and Gadgets
Sometimes, if the BlackBerry device calendar gets out of synch with the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, or the calendar becomes corrupted, you’ll need to reset the Calendar database.

SharePoint Search Tip: Unknown Error. Troubleshoot issues with Windows SharePoint Services.
12/1/2009 - Sharepoint
This is a really obscure error message when SharePoint search is not working on your site (thanks Microsoft). And, really, unless you know what’s going on, there’s really no way to troubleshoot this one.

Large Files, Sharepoint, and Windows 2008
11/6/2009 - Sharepoint
I ran across this problem and thought I’d share. After much troubleshooting, I found that Sharepoint 3.0 on Windows 2008 is limited to 28MB file uploads – this includes multiple file uploads that, combined, equate to a total of 28MB.

Mapping drives based on location
9/17/2009 - Networking
I concocted this batch file script a couple weeks ago to determine where a client was accessing the network from and then mapping shares accordingly.

Batch file to perform an offline defrag of the Exchange db to another drive
9/17/2009 - Exchange Server
I’ve had the occasion to need to do offline defrags of the Exchange private store onto a different drive due to the drive where the private store having too little space.

Silverlight 3.x – the download – and installation methods
9/17/2009 - Software Management
The Silverlight 3.x installation seems to be hijacking computers this week, showing up in update windows at the most inopportune times.

Restarting a file transfer using Microsoft File Transfer Manager
9/8/2009 - Miscellaneous
Say you were downloading Windows 7 from MSDN or TechNet and the download was taking forever, and you ended up shutting down your computer before Windows 7 was completely downloaded. How do you get the Win7 download to start back up from where it left off?

Increasing the maximum size of the Exchange 2003 Information Store
9/8/2009 - Exchange Server
I’ve had to do this a lot recently, so I thought I’d make a permanent place-holder for the information on how to manipulate the server registry to allow Exchange 2003 to work with an Information Store larger than 14GB. Exchange 2003 SP2 added the ability to configure database size limits.


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