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Our goal is to keep, it's content, and it's membership free. Since becoming independently owned, has counted on the contributions of corporations through ad revenue to keep the site up and running. However, to fund enhancements to the site, support upcoming major releases for the year, and to enable uninterrupted availability during a period of extraordinary growth, we need your help. gives you many ways to contribute to its success and yours. First and foremost, you can give your time, experience, and knowledge through the web-based forumsand email discussion listsemail discussion lists, by writing articles as a columnist, by participating in the Wiki, and by becoming a blogger. As you participate in these ways, you help to continue building the reputation, keep the community growing, and build your own professional reputation, skills, and knowledge.

But, we also offer additional ways that you can contribute. accepts monetary donations, payable using Paypal, Google Checkout, or using a Company or Personal check (listed at the right). By contributing in this way, you enable to continue offering free services and also to help limit the number of advertisements you see on the site.

100% of all money received is used toward operating expenses and improvements.

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BUT, there's more. By helping sponsor, you are also entered into the monthly SWAG drawing. Each month, we hold a drawing for some great SWAG, and your donation ensures that you have the opportunity to win! Based on your donation level, you increase your chances of winning.

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Some of you may be in your specific job because of, and some of you may not have been able to perform your job without Some of you may have tried other communities and felt like you simply didn't belong there. offers as many ways as possible to ensure success in your professional life. has contributed more members to the Microsoft MVP program than any other organization. Please consider giving back to the community that has given so much to you.

We are grateful for every donation made to the forum, be it time, knowledge, money or materials, here are some other ways to help!

Contributor information is confidential. You will not be contacted, have your name or mail address put on any list, or be made public in any way. We are here to run and manage this community -- not "maximize" donations. Thank you for supporting the site and for being so generous.

Rod Trent, CEO, Inc.

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